How This Doctor Turned IAS Established A Free Internet Learning Platform Presently Esteemed At 14000 Crore


Roman Saini is a well-known name associated with Unacademy, one of India’s largest online learning platforms.

Roman founded Unacademy along with other founders Hemesh Singh and Gaurav Munjal, which is currently valued at over 14000 crores INR.

One live course at a time, at Unacademy, we strive to change the way India learns. To accomplish this goal, their founders and teachers are doing everything they can.

In the midst of all this, what makes Roman Saini so unique?

Story of Roman Saini

A Jaipur born son of an engineer and a homemaker, Roman was an outstanding student.

At the age of 16, he became the youngest student in the country to pass the AIIMS entrance exam.

During his MBBS, he treated patients at Dayalpur, Haryana.

His first job after completing his MBBS was at AIIMS-National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC).

Despite his short time here, he quit to attempt one of the most difficult examinations in the nation-UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Because he saw how people struggled without basic facilities during his time at Dayalpur, he decided to serve the nation.

After passing the test, he became one of the youngest officers of the IAS.

He served as a collector in Madhya Pradesh.

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Discovering Unacademy

It was a short-lived stint, though.

He left the prestigious job and teamed up with his friend Gaurav Munjal to start Unacademy, a platform that helps students prepare for UPSC without spending tons of money.

Aspirants can take free online coaching sessions, attend webinars, and attend tutorials and motivational speeches through the platform.

It all began in 2010 with a YouTube video uploaded by Munjal.

Nonetheless, Munjal, Roman, and Hemesh Singh’s third company partner officially funded the company in 2015.

Today, this platform has grown into one of the leaders in the education industry, educating more than 50 million students nationwide with over 18000 educators.

The ideologies and beliefs he holds

The first thing you need to learn to be successful is to learn, says Roman (excerpt from a TEDTalk).

If you wish to succeed, you cannot and should not stop learning.

According to him, it is important to take calculated risks, and that competence should take precedence over confidence.

It is his belief that if you delay giving in to immediate rewards, you will end up achieving more.

To him, it’s equally important to take responsibility for oneself. Besides eating well, sleeping well, and not smoking or drinking, he swears by his daily ritual.

That is why Roman Saini is such a genius.

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