Sea Of Thieves Lost Sands Guide: Hunter’s Path, Servant’s Path, And Journals

The Misplaced Sands Journey in Sea of Thieves is dwell now by way of June 9, tasking gamers with restoring Golden Sands to its former glory–or destroying it endlessly. In a primary for Uncommon’s swashbuckling journey, it appears the trail you select could have a everlasting impact on the sport’s map. The Journey revolves round selecting a facet to start with and finishing a set of duties to help your faction. Whereas the occasion lasts, although, you possibly can full the opposite faction’s quest and tackle a handful of different duties to assist guarantee your facet wins.

The way to begin Sea of Thieves Misplaced Sands Journey

You possibly can start this leg of Merrick’s story by talking with Larinna at any Outpost. She represents the Bilge Rats and is all the time standing outdoors the tavern. Select the final dialogue possibility to start the journey, after which Larinna presents you with a alternative. You possibly can assist rebuild Golden Sands (the Hunter’s Path) or you possibly can examine the unusual sightings (Servant’s Path).

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Whereas the phrasing suggests the Servant’s Path is nearly gathering intel, it isn’t. Selecting the Servant’s Path allies you with those that want to maintain Merrick’s band from rebuilding Golden Sands.

Which facet you select isn’t vastly vital at first. After finishing one spherical of duties, you possibly can select the opposite path and proceed serving to each sides–or simply one–until the occasion ends on June 9. If extra gamers assist Merrick by the occasion’s finish, Golden Sands might be restored, and if extra facet with the Servant of the Flame, then the outpost might be no extra.

The Journey tab exhibits who’s within the lead with a little bit icon–Merrick, if the Hunters are profitable, and the Servant if not.

Misplaced Sands Journey rewards

You’ll earn three Mementos for clearing either side and finishing all 11 Deeds.

  • Savior of Golden Sands sail–Full the Hunter’s Path
  • The Servant’s lantern–Full the Servant’s Path
  • Victor of Golden Sands title–Full all 11 Deeds

Misplaced Sands Journey Deeds

Finishing the Misplaced Sands Deeds is less complicated than you would possibly anticipate, because the journals are situated close to the place you full every process.

  • Converse with Merrick
  • Converse with a shadowy determine
  • Ship Tina’s Crate of Rum Bottles in excellent situation
  • Ship Sharon’s Crate of Sailcloth in excellent situation
  • Safely destroy a stolen Soulflame Rowboat
  • Smuggle a Relic Cache
  • Destroy your Soulflame Rowboat close to Golden Sands
  • Learn considered one of Merrick’s journals
  • Learn all of Merrick’s journals
  • Learn considered one of The Servant’s journals
  • Learn the entire Servant’s journals

Misplaced Sands Journey: Hunter’s Path information

You will be serving to Merrick rebuild Golden Shores for those who comply with the Hunter’s Path.

In contrast to Tall Tales, this Journey has no checkpoints. When you communicate with Merrick and get your duties from him, you’ll have to finish all of the steps in a single go with out exiting the sport.

Hunter’s Path step 1: Discover Merrick

In case you select the Hunter’s Path, your first process is discovering Merrick. Head to Golden Sands at D10 in your map, and also you’ll discover Merrick outdoors the Gold Hoarder’s tent. Converse with him, then communicate with him once more and select to “proceed Hunter’s Path.” Merrick will point out what he wants from you and write it down on a helpful record.

Hunter’s Path step 2: Tina’s crate of rum bottles

Merrick’s first process is discovering Tina on Cannon Cove (G10) and bringing again a crate of rum bottles from her, however you’ll have to search out the bottles first. Flip round from Tina, and also you’ll see a shattered boat with a yellow flag within the rubble. The map is close to the yellow flag, and as all the time with these maps, the X actually does mark the spot the place your treasure is. Reaper Phantoms will seem as soon as the rum is out.

Keep away from leaping or falling with the crate, as both motion will injury it. Whereas Merrick will take provides and rum in any situation, the rum have to be in excellent situation to clear the associated Deed.

The duty is pretty simple, although you’ll must sail rigorously if you wish to full the Deed. Different gamers serving to the Servant could goal your ship and sabotage the supply journey or try to steal the provides.

Hunter’s Path step 3: Sharon’s sailcloth

This step takes a bit longer, because you’ll should journey to Smuggler’s Bay, situated at F3 on the map, and getting it to Merrick in excellent situation can also be a bit trickier. Sharon is close to the Survivor’s Camp, helpfully marked by one other yellow flag, and tells you that she buried her provides too. This map can also be in a damaged boat close to yet one more yellow flag. Get the map, discover the X, and dig up the sailcloth.

The sailcloth received’t rely as in excellent situation if it will get moist, so that you’ll wish to place it close to the shore, away from water and with a transparent view of your ship. Get again in your ship, and use the harpoon to tug the sailcloth on board. Then stow it someplace it’s much less more likely to get wet–on prime of the map desk, for instance, if in case you have the hatches closed.

Take it again to Merrick to finish this section. Converse with Merrick once more, and select “Full Hunter’s Path” to complete this department of the Journey and get your sail.

Misplaced Sands Journey: Servant’s Path information

The Servant's Path allies you with the Reapers for several shady deeds.
The Servant’s Path allies you with the Reapers for a number of shady deeds.

In case you select to assist the Servant of the Flame, the trail begins with a detour to Wanderer’s Refuge at F12 on the map.

Servant’s Path step 1: Find the shadowy determine

Larinna’s notice mentions a “shadowy determine” lurking close to the island’s highest bell. Climb as much as the island’s highest level. You need to see the shadow within the bushes earlier than it darts away, although it’s practically not possible to note at evening.

You don’t have to truly see the determine to progress the hunt, although. Simply attain the bell, after which get your compass out. Face southwest, and stroll in direction of the glowing birds till you attain a cannon. The determine will sprint away once more. Head southeast towards the middle of the island, and also you’ll discover an altar much like the one within the Reaper’s Hideout with the shadowy determine standing close by.

Converse with him, then head to the Reaper’s Hideout and communicate with him once more. Select the Servant’s Path possibility once more, and he’ll offer you your record of duties, together with a Servant’s Compass.

Servant’s Path step 2: Find your Soulflame Rowboat

Comply with the compass in direction of the smaller island northwest of the primary one, and proceed till you attain the northwestern shore. Your Soulflame Rowboat is there, and it’s important to use it to finish the subsequent duties.

In case you’re utilizing a controller, maintain each the triggers down till the controller vibrates, after which launch them to maneuver sooner.

Servant’s Path step 3: Gather the Relic Cache from a Smuggler

Row northwest in direction of Twin Grove (H11)–use the Servant’s Compass to be sure you’re on the precise track–and head in direction of the middle of the island, the place there’s a cluster of barrels and a few foliage. The Smuggler ought to be right here, and you’ll take the cache and be in your approach.

If the Smuggler isn’t there, it might be both a glitch or as a result of your common ship is just too close to. Be sure that your ship is out of viewing vary from Twin Grove, or the Smuggler received’t seem. If it’s a glitch, the one factor we’ve discovered that fixes the issue is exiting the sport and restarting the Servant’s Path.

Servant’s Path step 4: Ship the Relic Cache to a Smuggler

Take your cache and row to Cannon Cove in G10, the identical location you’ll discover Tina and the rum crates. Whereas there’s no option to compromise the Relic Cache’s situation, you’re extra more likely to run into Hunter’s Path gamers on Cannon Cove. It’s a chance for you each to sabotage one another, so watch out as you go.

Comply with the Servant’s Compass as typical, and also you’ll discover the Smuggler hiding in a bush once more. Hand the Cache over, then get again in your rowboat.

Servant’s Path step 5: Destroy Soulflame Rowboat at Golden Sands

Comply with the compass again to Golden Sands, and get out once you attain the precise spot. Behind the boat is a barrel. Work together with the barrel to mild the fuse, and your boat will explode a number of moments later.

Head again to the Reaper’s Hideout, and communicate with the Servant of the Flame to complete the hunt and obtain your Servant’s Lantern.

The way to rebuild Golden Sands or destroy Golden Sands

When you’ve completed each paths, you possibly can nonetheless participate within the occasion and attempt to affect the facet of your selecting.

If you wish to rebuild Golden Sands:

  • Convey provide crates to Merrick. You will get them from Tina, or simply deliver any fruit or different provide crate from across the sea. Situation doesn’t matter.
  • Convey Relic Caches to Merrick. This requires beginning or finishing the Servant’s Path, and as an alternative of delivering the Cache to a Smuggler, you’ll simply take it to Merrick.
  • Destroy any Soulflame Rowboats you discover (that aren’t close to Golden Sands).

If you wish to destroy Golden Sands:

  • Convey Sharon’s Sailcloth and Tina’s Rum to the Servant as an alternative of Merrick. Situation doesn’t matter.
  • Convey any spare Relic Caches to the Servant.
  • Row further Soulflame Rowboats you discover to Golden Sands and destroy them.

Either side may hamper the others’ efforts by destroying ships or stealing provides. Whereas it received’t rely as serving to your faction, it would at the least sluggish your opponents down.

Misplaced Sands Journey journals

You’ll want to search out 4 of Merrick’s journals and 4 Servant journals to finish the Journey’s Deeds.

Merrick Journal places

  • Stephen’s Spoils, on a picket platform close to the ramp
  • Golden Sands, proper after the bridge close to the watchtower, east of the Tavern. The journal is throughout from the tower
  • Cannon Cove, on the northwestern cove close to a cluster of rocks
  • Smuggler’s Bay, jap facet of the island, close to an deserted camp

Servant’s Journal places

  • Wanderer’s Refuge, close to the campfire within the rocky tunnel
  • Reaper’s Hideout, on the scaffolding outdoors the tent with the altar
  • Twin Groves, on the shore reverse the place the Smuggler is hiding, between the ocean and a rock
  • Cannon Cove, close to the deserted rowboat on the island

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