After establishing his own firm in Mumbai, Anuj Rakyan became a billionaire in just 42 months!


Anuj Rakyan Having founded India’s 1st cold-pressed juice company, RAW Pressery. Having worked as an investment banker and a brand consultant, the founder of RAW Pressery, Anuj Rakyan, has made an impact in the lives of millions of Indians looking for healthy products and foods. In just 42 months, Anuj’s firm grew to 250 crores in market value from 1.5 crores when he embarked on an ambitious business plan.

An important part of his story is that execution and idea play a major role in a successful company.

Before beginning RAW Pressery

He graduated from Duke University before starting Raw Pressery. After completing a course in marketing, he became an investment banker with the Morgan Stanley Financial Services Company. Later on, Anuj became a Brand Consultant with Future Brand.

He then returned to India and became a well-respected diamond and jewellery industry consultant, serving Gitanjali Gems and Nirav Modi Jewels for almost 10 years.

In the process of recovering from a bad back injury, Anuj became intrigued by cold-pressed juices and realized their importance.

In researching nutrition for health, he discovered how important it is. This led him to discover that juice made with only organic or natural ingredients is healthy, delicious, and unique.

From his kitchen, everything began

The lack of health products that Anuj could find disappointed him deeply. As soon as he realized this, he thought, “why not make juice at home?” and decided to do it himself in his kitchen.

He started out by delivering products via the Dabbawala network to a small number of clients in Mumbai and Pune.

Anuj started Raw with 1.5 crores, 80 lakhs of his own money, and the help of his friends and family. A year after receiving funding and bringing on board companies such as Sequoia Capital, Foodhall, and Godrej, RAW began manufacturing HPP machines in Asia for the first time.

With this cold-pressing method, Anuj produces healthy juices that preserve the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables without the use of any preservatives. The company began with six flavors and has now expanded to 30 varieties of drinks across four categories.

With around 200 employees, RAW has expanded to 10 major cities and 1000 outlets in the country.

RAW’s drinks have a shelf life of 21 days, and if unsold, they are taken back by the retailer and distributed at A&D events. The RAW program also stands out for providing school uniforms that are made from recycling used bottles for the poor children.

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RAW welcomes Beauty

The company will now enter the food products market thanks to Jacqueline Fernandez, its brand ambassador.

In fact, they are going to supply food that is natural and looks similar to home foods that are available in ready-to-eat food packets under a clean label. Anuj plans to expand the empire of cold-press in Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well.

Anuj says their expansion is limited only by the sky.

Final thoughts

All those who are young, innovative, and aspire to start companies should take a cue from Anuj.

The story also illustrates how a small initiative towards an idea can lead to a 250 crores company sprang up just 42 months later from 5 crores.

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