Become a millionaire at 17 as Ashley Qualls, a successful entrepreneur


Almost everyone dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur one day. What are the odds of a 14-year-old teenage girl making entrepreneurial history?

An American entrepreneur, Ashley Qualls, was 14 years old when she started her website to provide information and tutorials on the topic of web design.

During 2004 Qualls created, which primarily provided MySpace layouts and HTML tutorials.

It was her hobby to create this website with the goal of teaching graphic design and coding to teenagers of her age.

Business: The First Step

Qualls did not come from a wealthy family nor was she aided by an investor when she created her website.

Qualls’ mother was a single parent and she was the oldest child. One of the most successful teenage entrepreneurs of her time, she struggled her way to the top.

Ashley Qualls, 14 years old, made her first website simply with the intent to have a fun website for everyone.

Her original plan was to create graphics and pictures for her own portfolio. In 2004, using her expertise in web design, she launched the website

Having something fun and appealing for people, especially teens, was the first step toward her future.

Qualls earned $75,000 within a few months of launching their website.

After a while, she started uploading tutorials on her website regarding web design and programming, thus assisting teenage students.

After the number of visitors to increased, it was modified extensively.

Each user who registered on the website had the option of uploading their own projects, which helped them gain popularity and receive rewards.

Rewards points can be redeemed for digital goods online.

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The Growth – Second step’s tutorials for HTML and CSS were especially popular before it turned three years old, recording 3-4 million page views.

The popularity of Qualls’ website made it a difficult for competitor and

It was reported that a buyer offered $1,500,000 for the portal in 2006, which was politely declined by Qualls.

Founder of MySpace Brad Greenspan offered her money twice for her website because it was so impressive.

Qualls, however, had a craze for knowledge, and a passion to drive her business to a higher level than just giving it up.

Therefore, she rejected Greenspan’s offer twice, regardless of the amount he offered.

Rarely do we see young entrepreneurs who are so steadfast in their beliefs that they will turn down business titans offers and stand tall by themselves.

She also bought a house and moved in with her mother and sister in 2006.

By the time she turned 17, Ashley Qualls had become a millionaire after having her website visited by 7 million people.

A Time of Upside Down – 3rd Step

She encountered gastrointestinal issues after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.
This abruptly halted her flow of success. As well as losing her business, her house, as well as miscarrying was part of her life’s turmoil.

Even so, she was never willing to give up.

In 2015, she began working, and the job was cut short the next year due to her worsening health conditions and regular doctor appointments.

Nevertheless, after she read Meghan O’Rourke’s article in The New Yorker, she realized that there are numerous people out there who suffer the same condition.

SickNotDead – Ending

She started a blog, SickNotDead, after she realized that she would be haunted by this disease forever, just as thousands of other women are.

After accepting the truth, she wrote to help others who are facing the unfortunate truth of this unfortunate world.
Through her motivational writings, she has been able to make a difference in the lives of many people.

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