How to Make Money Blogging in 2022


Are you fascinated about How to Make Money Blogging & How to Start a Blog and Make Money? The first step will be to unlearn what you have learned to date from the ‘Experts.’ These Expert writers mostly give you advice like following your passion, creating excellent content, and something like this.

Such advice will take years to have good website traffic to monetize your blog with things like affiliate programs, selling digital products, Google AdSense, podcasting and online courses.

You will be surprised to know that it does not take years for this. It just takes a right approach. To manifold your bank balance with your blog, you should think like a CEO. After doing so:

  1. Think of ways how you can scale up your blog.
  2. Do not think of it as a mere hobby.
  3. Assume that is your startup and you have to put your heart and soul into it.

Most of the advice that you get about blogging is harmful indeed. They tell you it works wonders as a passive income and a great source to make money online. We still see that 93% of bloggers fail to establish this.

As stated above, unlearn blogging as a hobby and start looking at it as a startup. You need to focus less on writing and shift your focus to scaling your blog. Blogging requires a lot more things that will help you to monetize it quickly.

These things include content marketing, WordPress, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Look at the following guide for the best blogging tips.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2022

The first step is to learn how to start a blog. For this, you need web hosting and a domain name. We will suggest you go with Bluehost. It is ranked number one by WordPress and has remarkable features.

You can get started with Bluehost for $2.95/month (63% off).

Here we will focus on how you can scale up your blog. This will include picking up a niche and then scaling your content to monetize your blog and make $11000 in a month.

Choose Your Blog’s Niche Based on Market Factors, Not Your Passions.

passion bloging

Blogging has been correlated with passion. People think that the reason why most of the bloggers fail is that they are not passionate enough. This proves to be a myth. The reason why they fail should be considered the same way any business fails. It fails as it stops yielding profits due to inefficient strategy.

Let us consider an example:

I am passionate about a lot many things like food, astrology, traveling, personal development. All these have nothing familiar with each other. If I write about them without making any money, I will not utilize my passive income time.

People who claim that they are hobby bloggers and require no money don’t know how to make one. Experts dominate creative digital fields like web development, photography, copywriting, and then beginners.

Beginners who start writing about their passion are indeed to fail.

Beginners tend to choose a not-so-attractive niche with less popularity. They do not take networking and making connections into considerations. 

We have established that to boost your blog, think of it as a startup and not a hobby. 

Three business factors will determine your blog’s niche:

Audience budget potential, Professional leverage, and Market demand.

1. Audience Budget Potential

Thinking about How to Start a Blog and Make Money? Here are some suggestions to guide you.

If you have to sell your product, you need to solve your users’ main problems. This demands you to have detailed research about your audience. You should be well thorough with the challenges that are faced by your target audience.

You should start looking at niches where you belong to the target audience. This will give you expertise in that domain. 

When you select a niche, think about how much your audience is willing to spend. Easy said than done. We will understand this with the help of an example.

Let us consider that you are planning to start a blog in home design. The topics will be such that they will pull the attention of vivid readers. These readers might be professional interior designers, stay-at-home wives willing to take some décor information or college students.

To monetize your blog, you will create a new blog and move your readers down the sales funnel: 

  • You will create content that will attract an audience.
  • After this, you will build a home design “freebie” to get email opt-ins.
  • You hen might want to use affiliate marketing to promote brands related to your niche.
  • Then you will offer your audience an online course.

This approach has no flaw in it. It will earn an excellent passive income after a couple of years. 

The question that arises here is that is it a remunerative audience? As we saw above, the target audience included people with an average salary or no salary in this niche. 

All you had to is to replace “home design” with “retail design.” This has the potential of multiplying your blog’s income by 200. Shocked? How could one word make such a big difference?

Let us see:

You added a B2B component here that shifted your targeted audience from individuals to businesses. You tend to make more money here as companies have more to invest in.


Now you may wonder How to Make Money Blogging for B2B clients. The best part of this approach is that everything remains almost identical for B2B clients for B2C clients.

Your B2C profits were limited to the course fee only, while B2B doesn’t halt here. Once you establish yourself as a brand, you become a B2B design expert. This helps your profits to increase to a minimum of $6000/ month with recurring consulting services.


This approach would have made it clear why we suggested unlearning the old advice and how you can earn $10,000/month in 90 days with a new blog.

2. Use Your Professional Leverage to Choose Your Blog’s Niche.

After discovering a remunerative audience for your new blog, you have to think of some strategic advantages that make you different from others.

You should introspect about the following:

  • What connections do I have in my industry?
  • What is my professional experience?
  • How can I use this experience as leverage over others?

Before thinking about How to Start a Blog and Make Money, think about how you will influence your blog. To build power, you will need to build authority. For this, you will have to utilize your experience, connections at best. 

Try and make as many new connections as possible.

This will help you to build relationships. These relationships will pave the path for you to guest post on authoritative sites in your niche. It is these posts that will help you with backlinks for SEO. All this will, in turn, allow you to rise in the Google search rankings. And according to Broadband Search’s recent Internet statistics from 2019, Google process 3.5 billion searches per day – or over 40,000 every second. 

3. Your Niche Needs Market Demand.

Starting a blog requires you to do a lot many things. You have to perform some research to see if people search for the topics chosen by you, and are they monetizable?

“Best” and “How to” are the two main types of keywords with the most affiliate marketing revenue potential.

When people search for the “best” something, they are looking for long-form guides that recommend products. For instance, it could be “best phone” or “best smart watch in tech.”

When people search for “how to,” they are looking for long-form tutorials with high-quality content. For instance: in health, it could be how to reduce belly fat.

Once you have everything from your leverage to your niche, look for ten keywords.

Use a keyword search tool like GrowthBarGoogle Keyword Planner, SEMRush, or Ahrefs.

GrowthBar allows you to perform keyword research while you are searching on Google.


Keep in mind the following strategies when you perform keyword research.

Your top 5 keywords should have a volume of at least 5000. This highlights that the users take an interest in those topics.

how to make money blogging

A difficulty score of 80 or above indicates that the competition is way too fierce, at it will be difficult for you to make authority.

The best approach suggested here is looking for keywords with over 2,000 monthly searches and difficulty scores under 50. This will pave the way for more traffic with more minor competition hindrances.

You can also use an SEO tool to look for SERP data or the DR of the page results.

Let us say that the top 10 results have a DR over 70. If your new blog with DR 0 will not be on the first page, you will get no traffic.

Websites with an under 50 DR on page one hint that you can outrank it with good quality content.

For a quick recap, remember to focus more on keywords and less on writing. Do not blindly follow your passion. Pick a niche keeping in mind the audience budget potential and market demands.

Start a blog with  Bluehost for $2.95/month (63% off) with my link.

Scale your content creation

The first 90 days have nothing to do with your writing. The secret behind scaling and making money from blogs is not related to writing.

Remember how we discussed unlearning the outdated advice that limited your growth in the first place? We will stick by this and remember that we are business owners and not just mere bloggers. We are here to scale your blog like a startup and help you manifold your profits in less time. 

Get writing help for your blog so that your energy is not wasted on writing in the first crucial phase of your blog. You can rely on services like Fiverr to get freelance writers. You will get plenty of writers that will give you the blog, and you can edit them and spend your time publishing them and making links.

Listed below are the five main components of this process:

  1. Outreach
  2. Guest Post
  3. Outsource
  4. Backlinks
  5. Repeat indefinitely

If you are still passion-oriented, then this article will be of no help to you. If you are beginning to think like an entrepreneur, then let us scale up your blog.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

 1. Relationships Are Your Foundation

When you build relationships, do not always think of what the other person has to offer. Think of the benefits that you can give to others. Provide value to others to make a strong foundation.

First, you have to understand your value and think about what you can do to help others. This is also important for your email outreach strategy.

Create a targeted list of sites.

After thinking about the value you are eligible to provide, you can start making your blog outreach list. Make this in a spreadsheet with columns like Website, Name, status, and email address.

Now it comes to fill this spreadsheet. You can gather data by looking at the target blog’s monthly site visitors and DA. You can do this by plugging their URL into an SEO tool like Ahrefs

Higher DA indicates the following things:

  • Stronger partnership potential
  • More SEO impact from that relationship

Look for an article like top blogs and websites accepting guest posts with Domain Authority scores.

First, use Linkedin.

To start with, you can filter your search results by the blog’s company page of the blog, and then you can filter further within the company by searching for keywords such as content, content manager, or SEO manager.

After shortlisting a few potential contacts, try reaching out to them over LinkedIn. Once done, scan for the email address of the blog by using email tools like filters out the email structure for you. Now you just need to add this contact into your spreadsheet.

2. Start Relationships & Pitch Guest Posts at the Same Time.

Valuable blogging relationships provide links and content. You can start your email outreach once you have a list of 50-100 potential contacts.

Guest blogging strategy can be scaled by using an email template as per your needs. You can use these templates for starting a relationship while you ask for a guest post simultaneously.

Look at the sample template given below:

Hey ( First Name)

Your Name and your Designation at your blog

I’m reaching out because I love (Target Blog) and am interested in collaborating on content with you.

I was curious if:

 1) You’d like to participate in link building. I write (X-X) guest posts per month and would be happy to link to your site in my content.

 2) You allow guest posts on your blog.

I’d love to contribute to your (awesome? informative? useful?) blog and can pitch some topic ideas that I think your audience will enjoy. Here are some recent samples from me:

 (Sample 1 URL)

 (Sample 2 URL)

 (Sample 3 URL)

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!


Your Name

You can save a lot of time and scale your relationships just by using guest post email templates and knowing how to start the email greeting.

An initiation email needs to be followed by an apt reply once your contact responds positively to your email. It would be best if you pitched the perfect topic in the email reply to reference your guest post.

A perfect guest blogging topic pitch consists of more or more minor four main criteria:

  1. Their site does not contain your content idea. You can quickly check this by doing a Google search for “ topic” and see if it is already present.
  2. There is SEO value in your topic and target keywords. Input the blog’s URL at Ahrefs and look out for keywords driving most of the traffic and find out gaps in their content that you can fill in with some value.
  3. Expertise and topic match. You should use the guest blog for building more influence in your stronghold by writing intelligently about the subject.
  4. Audience interest matches your topic. Try and match their blog writing style by looking into their blog posts and checking their editorial guidelines.

How to Make Money Blogging: the right way

Online courses, selling physical products, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, ads, etc., are a few options to make money by blogging. Different income streams require different amounts of traffic.

This makes it even more important to plan the future strategy to drive your revenue by placing forms for monetization at the right points in the blog life cycle.

1. Plan Your Future Blog Monetization Timeline

Putting ads all over your blog is not a good idea if you are starting with a new blog. The same way cramming many links everywhere on your site to start affiliate marketing in the very beginning is a big no. It can take years to generate income like this requires hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. But if you are looking for How to Start a Blog and Make Money in a short period, let say three months, then we have the good news for you

The perfect blog monetization technique would require you to focus on individual stages of your blog growth timeline for you to start generating revenue from day 1.

The areas to focus on are:

  1. First three months: High-end consulting (less than 1000 visitors on the site)
  2. Three to six months: Affiliate marketing (more than 1000 but less than 2500 site visitors)
  3. Six months to a year: Online courses (more than 5000 site visitors every month)
  4. One year and thereafter: memberships for the period (more than 10000 monthly visitors on the site.

This blog will focus on stage one, that is, the time frame from day 1 to 90, guiding you on perfecting the high-end sales funnel to help you make money from the start.

If you are starting a new blog, It looks a bit counter-intuitive to start with consulting. Still, you should not forget that you have been treating your blog as a business and have been building creating relationships, making it easy for you to start landing high-end clients from the start.

Ready to get started? Try Bluehost for $2.95/month (63% off) with my link.

2. Master Your Blog’s Sales Funnel

Low income from each client x more clients = high income from each client x less clients.

If you are just beginning with a new blog, you can focus on lower-priced offers like sponsored posts or digital downloads. But landing an expensive proposition from the start remains the most lucrative way to start earning from the blog. 

The five steps for your sales funnel to get customers:

  1. A user reads a high-end offer related to high-quality blog content.
  2. The user subscribes to a one-page “freebie” offer.
  3. To gain the reader’s trust, you put a low-priced offer somewhere in the range of $50-150.
  4. The automated emails to welcome the client help the user to set up a meeting with you.
  5. Once the session is set, your B2B clients pay you your high-end consulting offer.

Keep in mind: You are not a blogger anymore; you are a business owner.

All the business that have lasted long and have generated revenue is because they are providing value to society and people and filling a need. Following this line of approach, that blog that you own, from day 1, must have something to offer to the clients and must fill in a need that is required by the market.

From the initial phase, your blog’s focus should be to have at least five high-quality posts that will form the pillars of your blog, a consulting page, and a sales funnel. The rest will be taken care of by your sales outreach.

3. Master Your High-End Consulting Offer

To achieve your goal of making money blogging, you should be attracting traffic to your consulting page. For this, you have to make sure that this particular page should be in the top navigation. This page should also include the keywords around the terms that your clients might generally use to google.

Professionalism reflects the quality. So, you must make sure that this page should have ways to contact you which are not hidden in the middle of the page. 

The page should consist of a professional photo of yours with easy ways to contact you.

4. Use Email Opt-In Formula

Wondering how to generate email subscribers? It is a cakewalk if you use email marketing software coupled with an on-site email opt-in tool.

Take a look at the formula:

ConvertKit + OptinMonster

ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool for bloggers. We say that it is best because:

· You can personalize your funnels and create advanced email sequences. As we know that personalization always appeals better than generic mail. It tends to have a better impact on shopping decisions.

· You can create drip campaigns. You can also link sequences together based on actions inside of emails.

Simplicity is the best policy. Simple text emails tend to generate the most revenue for a blog. The simpler it is, the better it is. Heavy design mails make it lucrative to see but rarely do they generate income.

OptionMonster is one of the best email opt-in tools. You can easily integrate it with your blog as it is a WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can create different opt-ins like sidebar opt-ins, exit-intent pop-ins, and many more. These opt-ins help you maximize the number of potential visitors entering your email funnel and convert your visitors into customers.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

Blogging can help you manifold your bank balance. Successful bloggers make over 7 figures/year. Bloggers with no apt strategy land up making no money at all. You might have seen that target for $2000 per year, but I beg to disagree with it. Why settle for less when we can have as high as $16k monthly with the correct monetization technique. 

Let us monetize a blog:

You are now done with selecting your niche, planning content, and your blog monetization timeline. Let us see how you can make money blogging in 90 days:

Before implementing this plan, focus on the pre-requisites:

  1. A WordPress blog to begin with. You can get started with BlueHost.
  2. Five pillar blog posts you want to promote.
  3. Complete all your web pages: Consulting page, About page, Contact page, Email opt-in page, and all the other pages.
  4. You should have an active email sales funnel.
  5. Make sure to have a freelancer who can help you with your guest posts.
  6. After you have all of the above, go ahead and launch your blog.

With original content, sales funnel, and blog posts published, you have everything on your plate that can boost your impact. The only thing that is missing is relationships and getting backlinks.

Your main outreach targets should include influencer relationships, your high-end client personas, and blogging communities.

We have divided the plan into weeks, and let us see how it proceeds:

Week 1

Your goal here will be, begin with, influencer outreach. Focus on getting five approved guest topics. Start looking for second-tier professional connections and look for communities on blogging platforms.

How to reach your goal?

Influencer Relationships

  1. Maintain a spreadsheet that includes 100 high DA sites you want to partner with.
  2. Have your information handy. Keep the contact information and email addresses of proper contacts.
  3. Start LinkedIn outreach with the template.
  4. Start email outreach with the template.
  5. Create your content team and begin writing. Don’t forget to add your links to the posts.

Professional Network

  1. Prepare a list of 2nd tier contacts in your niche.
  2. Reach out to them and think of ways you can provide value to them.
  3. Make a list of 50 ideal B2B customer personas.

Week 2-3

This weeks’ focus should be to publish two guest posts and get approved for publishing five more guest posts.

How to reach your goal?

Influencer relationships

  1. Publish the first two guest posts under your Name.
  2. Continue your outreach campaign and get yourself five more approved topics.

Week 4

Focus on high-end B2B client personas, begin link network and publish two more guest posts.

How to Make Money Blogging? FAQ

Do bloggers pay taxes?

Yes, bloggers must pay their taxes even if they are on sole proprietorship.

If you sell products via your blog, you are liable to collect sales tax only if the customer resides in your tax nexus. Ecommerce platforms perform these calculations for you.

Use accounting software that will maintain your tax records.


Do not consider yourself a blogger but an entrepreneur who is thriving to manifold his bank balance. Target your niche-based audience with an apt strategy.

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