How to Make Money on TikTok


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What’s the reason?

Right now, TikTok is popular but not very content-rich.

Content creators are getting insane views and some people have been going viral overnight.

Several years ago, Instagram went through the exact same thing.

They thought that the way to get money from Instagram was to get fans, but they learned that it was actually much more complicated than they thought.

Since, Instagram is now a marketing tool that does not actually require many followers to be effective, more and more people are looking to TikTok – and they don’t want to wait years to figure out the platform and how to use it.

It makes sense that people want to jump on TikTok early to capitalize on the demand and start making money.

What I’m covering today is exactly what you need if you’re looking to get on a platform early and figure out how to monetize your following.

Today, I’ve seen people actually earning money through TikTok. Here are six ways how they’re making money.

I’ll also share with you why I think TikTok may be more powerful

How to Make Money on TikTok: 6 Ways

1. Growing and Selling TikTok Accounts

Selling accounts is the most common way people make money from Tik Tok.

eCommerce and other product spaces are seeing this trend increase.

The concept is similar to Instagram – you’re going to identify a niche and then produce entertaining content, ideally viral content that attracts someone who would be your ideal customer.

Currently, people are growing their TikTok profiles around certain interests.
Sometimes people sell their profile to brands, but it’s typically a niche topic, and they don’t have anything to sell, but they are earning money in this manner.

Once product brands have access to that account, selling products becomes much easier.

Selling products through TikTok Live is another way people are making money. While livestreaming they either launch new products or hold auctions.

As always, the link in the bio will always drive the fans to make purchases.

It’s up to you if you want to grow an audience and build a following around a certain topic, so if you like it, go for it and then reach out to brands who want access to those followers.

2. Live Streams Can Generate Donations

Going Live and collecting donations from viewers is another way that people make money from TikTok.

That is an incredibly interesting feature of TikTok

A monetization platform is built in from the beginning.

As I understand it, it works like this:

In TikTok, users can purchase ‘coins’ in their profile.

It will cost you $1.39 if you buy 100 coins.

Where does this coin go now?

Sending coins to a favorite creator who goes Live is a nice way to thank them for all the efforts they put into creating the content they do.

How does the creator use this coin?

In exchange for the coins, the creator turns them into diamonds that can be converted to cash through PayPal.

Isn’t that cool?

TikTok’s Chinese version, Douyin, offers a similar next-level feature. During Live, creators can actually sell products with a shopping cart attached.

It’s sort of like QVC or the shopping channel. With the shopping cart feature, you can go Live and hold an auction, and people can even buy your product while it’s live.

Probably sooner rather than later, this feature will be made available to accounts worldwide.

3. Plan and Execute Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Manage influencer campaigns is the third kind of TikTok income you can earn.

An idea like this isn’t new. Already there are agencies offering services directly to Instagram influencers.

Similarly, TikTok follows the same concept. As an influencer, you can act as a middle man between a brand and a creator on TikTok.

When you manage campaigns like that, you can charge a service fee for creating the contract, managing both parties, and making sure the agreed-upon terms are met.

They have an influencer program built into their platform. This shows how smart TikTok is. As a big brand, how would I approach TikTok and tell them that I’m in this space. Can you suggest any influencers? It’s possible for me to do that.

It is just that I will pay TikTok a percentage of the agreement for facilitating it.

We suggest that if you’re an agency or service, you can help brands save a little money by making these agreements outside of TikTok.

4. Tiktok’s Advertising Platform

TikTok’s ads platform is yet another way for you to earn money.

For access to their ad platform, Google “TikTok ads” and sign up. This works just like Instagram ads.

You have to create a few ads and put some budget toward experimenting on TikTok if your market is there, just to see what happens.

Maybe you can increase sales with TikTok!

5. Providing Management Services

Offering management services to creators on TikTok is the fifth way to earn money from the app.

Many creators on TikTok can reach millions of followers very quickly and overnight. As if a new business has fallen into their lap.

It might make sense to step in and offer your services to help them with their content strategy, their creative strategy, or perhaps even deal management.

Since you have experience in storytelling, you could certainly offer management services to TikTok creators

6. Providing Consulting Services

If you have become a pro on TikTok, and you have a solid grasp of what goes into taking a video with perhaps a hundred views and helping it get 100,000 views, then you can simply provide consulting services.

If you want to help people become famous or if you want to help them become creators, this is a fantastic way to leverage your expertise from the platform to help their videos get seen by thousands, if not millions, of people.

It’s vital to first have the relevant experience and background to offer this service. Once you have gained experience, people will pay you for your experience and knowledge.

You can also negotiate a percentage of or cut of any deals or influencer agreements that they secure just because you are their consultant and have helped them go popular on TikTok.

Executive Summary

At the moment, TikTok is everywhere, and everyone who wants to be famous uploads videos there. Millennials love Tik Tok, which allows you to share short videos and showcase your skills with others.

When I look at the success stories that have come out of this platform, I believe that it becomes a platform where ordinary people can achieve fame overnight.

We hope you will join our growing list of success stories.

A few extras : TikTok tips for making money

-Authenticity is the key

This would be the moral of the big book on social media. Authenticity is important to internet users, even though it is difficult to believe in our highly filtered world.

No matter what style you are following, stay true to yourself. It is the most surefire way to gain followers who will stick with you-and hopefully will earn you some money as well.

-Don’t stop publishing your usual content

If all of your TikToks are sponsored or promotional, your followers will start losing interest. The coolest player wins in that scenario.

-Never give up

It’s not easy to make money on this social network. We would all be Addison Rae if it were true. (A 20-year-old who earns 5 million dollars per year.)

Continue to reach out to brands and influencers even when you are rejected. Success comes from hard work.