Useful Insights For Healthy Lesbian Relationship


Many people have been in a situation where they start to feel problems about their relationship, and lesbians aren’t the exception – nothing is perfect even in the cutest couples you know. However, growing and changing as people move through adulthood is a part of life, and it means that everyone can learn from their mistakes and do everything right with the next lady they have hots about. Some had an unhealthy relationship and want to ensure their next girlfriend will be perfect in any way; other girls don’t have any experience and seek to ensure everything will be all right from the start. There is no universal answer on how to do so, but there are several recommendations!

1 Start your relationships at a convenient pace

Different people have different levels of comfort early in a relationship, and it is understandable. Some meet in a bar and exchange a few messages once in a few days to set up rare dates to know each other better and then find their own rhythm. Other lesbians prefer meeting online, learning everything about their partner first from their profile, then in messages, slowly picking up more and more new ways of contacting each other, including video messages. Being able to find a partner by the set parameters in the search is what makes Lesbiemates somewhat more effective compared to meeting an unknown person offline, since online you know who you are talking to and what values does she have in life. This site allows any member to describe themselves in detail, thus making you virtually familiar with a person even before you initiate the first contact.So, checking out your potential lesbian partner online may be the key to avoid unhealthy tendencies, but some people can only enjoy spontaneous love instead of a planned one. No matter to which category you belong, keep up to the level of comfort acceptable to you and always tell your lady friend that she moves too fast or too slow in your new relationship.

2 Choose a level of commitment comfortable for both of you

If you like her and feel that she also digs you, then you will soon be spending more time together. Will you commit to it and enjoy it or miss your freedom? Discuss what you plan to get from this relationship beforehand, or someone from you will either become too clingy or too distant from each other. There are different demands, too; some involve jealousy, others include sharing an income equally. But if she demands commitment instead of coming naturally to it, it is a major red flag.

3 Never stop flirting and planning dates with your partner

Those first few dates become the only dates for some partners whose relationship moves too fast, and they settle down together immediately. Lesbians are known for attaching to each other quickly; in fact, there is even a stereotype about it. But it isn’t bad; if you’re compatible, then go for it, but don’t forget to go out frequently. Visit new coffee shops in the neighborhood or an old theme park that opened a few years ago – it will give you something to talk about. Never stop dating – go out to gatherings and show society two gorgeous and happy ladies together.

4 Prevent your intimate life from being dull and predictable

Try new social outings,bedroom innovations or role-playing, if you’re comfortable with that as options to keep the intimate life from becoming too boring. Communication is the key to it – if you feel bored in the bedroom, then slowly bring up the subjects of trying the riskier stuff when you know she feels okaywith it. Surprises are great when it’s a box of chocolates but take as a rule that anything about introducing something new to an intimate life needs to be discussed beforehand.

5 Show your love through actions and say about it aloud

Some believe that eventually, love dries out, and no one can keep up a constant level of tender romance forever. These people can only be pitied, as happy couples are built on the foundation that each partner’s needs should be met, including, of course, the need to feel love. A perfect way of ensuring your couple stays happy is lots of little surprises.Take as a habit to give her a good morning kiss, make a cute little surprise each week, sometimes light the candles and prepare her a nice bath to relax after a hard day at work.

6 Grow together as individuals

Despite everything that was said prior, there is one main rule anyone dreaming about a healthy relationship should accept. Do not lose yourself! Perhaps you met couples who didn’t follow that rule – one of the partners becomes a silent attachment for another, a kitchen tool, a chef, a cleaner, but not a partner. She fell in love with you because of your individuality, so never lose it. Share interesting things, don’t just accept what she thinks is interesting, go to exciting places, not just what you think is exciting. Being equal individuals is the best way to achieve a true balance in a relationship.

You can never send too much positive feedback to your significant other. While some women need reassurance more than others, always do loving things with sincerity, and if we would break the topic down to one word, that’s what a healthy relationship is like – it is sincere.