The Importance of Graphic Design in Online Casinos


The gambling and online casino industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of the past decade. As a result, like in all businesses, different companies and platforms compete to attract new customers. While there are several known strategies to actively advertise platforms, including welcome bonuses for new players, free spins, among others, there are other more subtle ways to win over gamblers. 

In this sense, graphic design is a crucial tool to make gamblers comfortable while surfing a specific website. This can be achieved in different ways and using specific tools. Join us as we go over some of the most important aspects of graphic design in online casinos.


When thinking about an online casino, the first thing to consider is the interface of the website or app. Any major gambling platform on the internet, such as Paddy’s online casino, needs to have an interface tailored according to the users’ needs in order to make the experience on the page as easy as possible. In fact, a game’s interface or controls can make or break its popularity. Many promising smartphone games have been ruined by clunky or awkward controls and casinos are no different. But that’s not all. Even when it comes to betting websites, it is crucial that users feel familiar even when exploring new pages. The aim here is not only to design a visually appealing page but also one that has a layout that seems instinctive for users. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion and promote easiness when using a new website, it is crucial for gambling platforms to structurally maintain similar interface layouts or at least parts of them.

Advertising and online games

Like in any online platform, advertising is practically inescapable. Whether using a free or paid app, it is common for platforms to feature many apps. While in some subscription plans it is possible to opt-out of apps, many platforms all use ads to advertise their own products. In this sense, it is important for app developers to explore the best ways to design and incorporate ads.

Typically, ads aren’t supposed to be abrasive, too long or too detailed. Users dislike ads and while they are an efficient way for websites to get revenues and they need to be as pleasant as possible. In this sense, it has become quite common for apps to feature interactive ads. These types of ads will allow users to take part in the app or service being advertised, for instance in the case of slot machines users will get a taste of the environment of the game by spinning the reels once or twice. When looking at how effective regular and interactive ads can be, interactive adverts tend to get more downloads and always seem to last less than regular ones.

Animations and Sounds

Besides the interface preferences, which can affect how easily users find different options, buttons and other commands, developers invest large amounts of time designing the look and feel of a casino. Designers want to attract people to join their website and play their games and so casino smartphone apps and websites feature vivid colours, flashy graphics and engaging animations. But that’s not all. Animations and sounds include all the minor details of gambling, including simple vibrations when users spin a slot, the sound effects activated by winning lines, or the way loading pages are designed. Online casinos are all about the details that can effectively mimic the image of the luxurious, bright, and spectacular casinos they have been based on. While these are the major aspects of graphic design in online casinos, chatbot design and development and customer services pages are also crucial to help users easily find important information.