Tips & Advice For Plastic Molding


If you want to achieve the best injection molding part, then you have to make good decisions. Mistakes can cost you both money and time, but don’t worry because Plastech are here to help. Below are a few tips and advice to help you out.

1. The Right Plastics Need To Be Specified

It’s crucial to know where the part is going to be used and whether or not the material will be used outside. If it is, then the material used will need to be UV protected. Determine what the component will do and what the potential possibilities are.

2. Cleanliness Is Important

Is the injection molding component going to be a food related product or a medical related product? If so, then you’ll rest easy knowing our work stations are free of contamination and they are clean. Furthermore, the products that are made will do so to high quality standards.

3. The Design

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the right design can make all the difference. In many cases, there are ways to not add additional costs. Also, at some point in the future, you can choose to build in features that could save you money.

4. Prototyping

We offer 3D printing. You can be shown a prototype of your design. In turn, you will know whether or not there are design flaws that should be fixed. Before any tool design or functions begin, approval can be given. Once approved, then engineering and tool design functions can start.

5. Volumes

Finally, you should get an idea of what your annual volumes will be like. Determine roughly what the average order size will probably be, too. By doing this, you could save sizable sums while injection molding, and in turn you’ll become more efficient at handling orders.