Learn About Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification and How to Prepare for It with Exam Dumps


Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is a certification path for the architects who are interested in enhancing their skills. And since this certificate is of the Associate level, most individuals may consider it easy. However, this is not the case. It is designed to evaluate the skills in designing solutions that can be scaled, can tolerate faults, and are efficient when you consider the cost. Before attempting to take the qualification test, it is essential to know its format together with the expertise it measures.

Exam Structure

There are two ways available for choosing to take the Amazon AWS Certifications from this path. The first one is attempting the examat a testing center, and the second option offers you to deal with it from the comfort of your home or office. Either of the delivery options will cost you $150, which can be changed due to the taxes in your country.

As for the exam structure, you will face with 65 questions that have to be completed in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Some of these items are unscored and do not affect the final score. The questions you will encounter are presented in two types such as multiple choice as well as multiple response. Once you finish, it is scored on a range of 100 to 1000 points, and the passing score starts from 720 points. Currently, the test is offered in four languages. These are English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, as well as Japanese.

Skills Measured

The qualification exam for Amazon AWS Certifications Exams evaluates various skills, which are involved in designing solutions while using AWS infrastructure. Thus, it tests your skills in designing AWS architectures that are robust and powerfully built. This is because the organizations do not appreciate solutions that breakdown easily as it affects their ability to do business. Also, the potential candidates have to demonstrate their ability to come up with an architecture that provides peak performance for the companies. Besides that, it will evaluate your ability to create apps and frameworks that are secure. It is a crucial skill as most organizations do not like to lose data or share it with the unauthorized individuals. And lastly, all these solutions have to be economical. The exam will check your expertise in creating the AWS solutions that are desirable to the companies on the aspect of the cost of using them.

Preparation with Exam Dumps

The Amazon SAA-C02 exam can be challenging even after studying well to acquire the knowledge it evaluates. But before you attempt it, you need to prepare with great deliberation and master all the topics covered in the test. Some of the students add exam dumps to their preparation, and they help them drastically. They can give you a clue on how much you will score, soyou can attempt these questions as much as you wish until you feel that you are confident enough to take the real test. That is why it is recommended that you use them along with some practice tests.


Knowing the format of the exam and the skills it measures is a good step towards preparing well for it. If you use the relevant materials and plan your study hours wisely, you will pass the test for sure and obtain the desired certification. So, take advantage of all this information, ace the exam, and become a certified specialist.