There is so much to love about American life: bluegrass and beaches, snowcapped peaks and redwood forests, cosmopolitan cities and open skies.

Among its most affluent cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City, just the name of which conjures up a million different interpretations of culture, cuisine, and entertainment.

A closer look reveals the American quilt’s astonishing variety: the easygoing charm of the Deep South, the gorgeous colors of fall that transform New England into a wonderland, San Francisco’s spectacular waterfront, and New Orleans’ captivating French Quarter.

But it is also a country of car trips and big skies, with four million miles of highways leading past red-rock deserts, beneath soaring peaks and through wheat fields that roll into the distance.

On your trip to the USA, here are the best places to see.

Here are a few of the most popular State’s cities to visit

1. New York City, New York


New York City is constantly reinventing itself as it is home to striving artists, hedge-fund moguls and immigrants from around the world.

It is a global center for fashion, theater, food, music, publishing, advertising, and finance.

There are dozens of museums, parks and ethnic neighborhoods spread across the five boroughs.

It’s just what New Yorkers do: hit the streets. There is something for everyone in this dizzying kaleidoscope, and you can travel continents in a short distance.

2. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii


The dramatic landscape of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is unmatched anywhere in the United States, between Kilauea, the youngest and most active shield volcano on earth, to Mauna Loa (30,085 feet from base to summit).

A visit to the Big Island of Hawaii entails hiking through forests thick with tree ferns and climbing around the crater by dday.

Then, it is time to head down to the Pacific to observe molten lava spreading into the sea by night.

3. Walt Disney World, Florida


Would you like to set a high standard for yourself? “The Happiest Place on Earth” is what Walt Disney World calls itself, and then it pulls out all the stops to make you feel like the most important character in the show.

The magic of Disney World comes from watching your own child swell with belief after making Goofy laugh, being curtsied to by Cinderella, guarding the galaxy with Buzz Lightyear and battling Darth Maul like your very own Jedi knight.

4. Chicago, Illinois


You’ll be wowed by Chicago’s architecture, lakefront beaches, and world-class museums.

However, its real appeal is its combination of high culture and earthy pleasures.

What other city decorates its Picasso sculpture with local sports gear? How about a city where hot dogs are just as popular as some of the best restaurants in North America?

Although Chicago’s winters are brutal, its summers are filled with festivals that take full advantage of this city’s waterfront.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada


As if you thought you knew the West – majestic, sublime, soul-nourishing – here comes Las Vegas.

This city puts on a dazzling show below the neon lights of the Strip, with dancing fountains, a spewing volcano, and its iconic Eiffel Tower.

The seductive charm of a casino is beneath its surface. Its fresh pumped air and bright colors have only one purpose: to separate you from your money.

There are fine restaurants, Cirque du Soleil performances, the Slotzilla zipline, the Mob Museum, and more nearby.

6. Los Angeles, California


With its constant influx of dreamers, hustlers, and go-getters, sprawling Los Angeles has an energetic vibe.

Take a studio tour to discover the tricks of filmmaking. Relax to the acoustics of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where symphonies abound.

Visit the Getty Museum on the hilltop. Why not stargaze? You can also find stylish, earthbound “stars” at the Grove or the Griffith Observatory.

Are you ready for the spotlight, darling? A sun-kissed LA glow is guaranteed after an hour on the beach.

7. Grand Canyon, Arizona

dawn on the S rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon’s sheer size is what catches your eye first – a two-billion-year-old rip through the landscape that reveals Earth’s secrets with awe-inspiring authority.

From sun-dappled ridges to crimson buttes to lush oases and a ribbon-like river, it is Mother Nature’s artistic touches that draw you in and compel you to return.

Experience the canyon on foot, by bike, by raft or by mule. If you prefer, you can watch the earth change colors along the Rim Trail.

Note: In nature, the state’s cities are always busy. If you are planning a trip, we recommend that you ebooking your accommodation in advance.

Finding a hotel can be very stressful and time consuming

For an American vacation full of relaxation, here are the top USA hotels

There isn’t much better place for a vacation than the United States, where the glittering metropolises combine with the vast countryside to offer the best of both worlds.

Cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago also have great cultural resources where you can see the most amazing skylines in the world, dine in world-class restaurants, enjoy blues and jazz music in old-fashioned clubs, or simply attend one of the country’s best sporting events.

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Best USA Hotels for Your Stay

1. The Peninsula


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2. The Beekman


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3. The Jefferson


Location: Washington DC

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4. The Beverly Hills Hotel


Location: Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Starting price: INR 80,355

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5. Halekulani


Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Vacationing in the USA is a fun and varied experience, and you can make it even better by staying at some of the best USA hotels.

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