SpaceX Launches South Korea’s First Moon Mission, Danuri

South Korea’s First Lunar Mission

South Korea launches its first ever lunar mission or it may also be referred to as its first ever mission past low Earth orbit. The mission was previously referred to as the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO), which is now often known as Danuri, a play on the Korean phrases for “moon” and “take pleasure in”. The mission is managed by the Korean Aerospace Analysis Institute (KARI). The objective of Danuri is to check South Korea’s lunar spacecraft expertise.

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Key Factors

  • Danuri was launched from SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral House Pressure Station.
  • The Danuri spacecraft is now on a circuitous route to the moon.
  • Earlier than coming again to its vacation spot, it’s going to fly in direction of the solar, and arrive within the lunar orbit in mid-December.
  • This route is usually thought-about an extended route, also referred to as a Ballistic lunar switch which makes use of a gravity help by the solar.
  • After reaching the moon, stationed in a 62-mile-high orbit, Danuri will carry out analysis with its six science devices.
  • Six Science Devices of Danuri are A magnetometer, a gamma-ray spectrometer, an experimental communications system, and three cameras.
  • Out of three cameras one is designed by NASA, delicate sufficient to see contained in the moon’s completely shadowed crates which include water ice.
  • If South Korea efficiently executes this lunar mission, it’s going to develop into the eighth political physique to execute a moon mission after the USA, the previous Soviet Union, China, Japan, India, Luxembourg, and the European Union.

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