Experiencing France – Explore France!


There is no country on Earth as enchanting as France. Am I correct? Many people dream of visiting France.

It’s always the right time to visit this fantastic destination in Europe.

As Jesse and Celine did in ‘Before Sunset’, do you wish you could wander through the streets of Paris?

Why not dab like Kizie and Manny in Dil Bechara? Have you been dying to try a slice of French cheese? It’s all possible!

We all have things we want to do in France, don’t we? Now is the time for you to follow your heart and visit France.

For a hassle-free vacation, a few things about France are important to know. Having trouble finding a hotel & travel guide to France?

It’s okay, you won’t be bored with this guide! We will highlight a few points that you should know about France.

Best time to travel to France:

France is most beautiful between March and May on top of its springtime. Spring seems to be a romantic season in France. The weather is near perfect during this time and lodging costs are low since it’s less crowded.

French peak season, however, occurs between June and August. You will find that France is packed with tourists crazily during the summer, and prices are very high. Despite this, the weather in France is generally quite good during peak season, and it’s still worthwhile to visit.

France experiences very cold winters between November and February. Christmas in France, however, is a unique experience. Decorations and festivals will totally captivate you. You can enjoy winter if you don’t mind the cold.

Hotels in France: Booking online


It can be a significant hassle and very expensive to locate accommodations or hotels after having reached a certain destination.

Travelers may book a hotel nearly anywhere in the world online and that too according to their tastes and preferences. Booking hotels online is one of the latest trends to emerge from the realm of the internet.

Online hotel booking is one of the coolest features offered by the Internet.

Ebooking offers not only convenience, but also a fast and affordable way to book a hotel.

We have put together a list of the best hotels in France.

  • The Loft Boutique Hostel (Paris)
  • Hello Hotel (Marseille)
  • Hostel Meyerbeer (Nice)
  • Central Hostel (Bordeaux)
  • Shangri-La Hotel Paris (Paris)

Here are the top three cities in France to visit

  1. Paris
  2. Bordeaux
  3. Lyon

1. Paris


There is something magical about the City of Lights. It’s impossible to enjoy a French vacation without visiting Paris, the capital. It is an iconic city located along the Seine River in northern France. There’s something for every tourist in Paris. This French city is home to museums, cathedrals, shopping centres, gardens, mouthwatering cuisine, fashion, and iconic monuments.

Paris’s must-see attractions

You simply can’t skip the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre Quarter, Sacré-Cœur, and Palace of Versailles in your itinerary.

2. Bordeaux


Next, we have the beautiful city of Bordeaux. Wine lovers will be in heaven in this city – it’s an oasis of charm. In fact, Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as the Port of the Moon. A visit to Bordeaux is not complete without a tour of this architectural treasure house.

Bordeaux’s top attractions

Bordeaux is home to numerous must-see attractions: Place de la Bourse, Cathédrale Saint-André, Grand Théâtre, Basilique Saint-Michel, Pont de Pierre, and Musée d’Aquitaine among them.

3. Lyon


Lyon is without a doubt one of the best cities in France. The city is known for its culture and delicious cuisine, and it is the third-largest city in France. Lyon offers visitors the chance to experience Roman, Medieval and Renaissance cultures. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? There are numerous international festivals and events that take place in this city. If you’re planning a trip to France, make sure you visit this charming city.

Lyon’s top attractions

In Lyon, you should not miss the Musée des Beaux Arts, the Musée de la Civilization Gallo-Romaine, the Gourmet Restaurants, the Presqu’ile District, and the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere.

Budget travel in France

Travel budgets are crucial, right? The cost of living in France is quite high. From budget to luxury, there is an option for everyone. On a low-budget vacation in France, you can expect an average daily budget of 45 EUR to 77 EUR. If you have a midrange budget, your average daily estimate is between 135 EUR and 160 EUR. A luxury vacation will also cost you 430 EUR daily on average.