Does a Kyrie Irving For Russell Westbrook Swap Make Sense?


A lot of people are surprised that Kyrie Irving decided to come back to the Brooklyn Nets for the 2022-23 season. A lot of people were also disappointed last season with Kyrie Irving inside the Brooklyn Nets front office with his off-the-court issues. Irving never felt committed and he only wanted to play when he wanted to.

There have been potential talks about a Kyrie Irving for a Russell Westbrook swap. There are reasons why it makes sense and there are reasons why it doesn’t make sense. The NBA picks won’t change really no matter who is traded or no matter who isn’t traded. Does this move make sense for either party though?

Does Either Side Benefit from an Irving-Westbrook Swap?

For the Brooklyn Nets, it makes some sense. They get Kyrie Irving out of the building, who has been a distraction and basically has ruined every franchise he has gone to except for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving caused problems also with the Boston Celtics organization when he was playing with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Some people believe that he stunted their growth until he left.

However, if Kyrie Irving left, that means it would be very possible that they would lose Kevin Durant at that expense, but the problem is Durant can’t be traded right now because the asking price is way too hefty. If both of them left, the NBA picks today for the 2022-2023 NBA Championship would change big time.

There is one team that wants Kyrie Irving and that is the Los Angeles Lakers because of the relationship with Lebron James and he knows that he should have never left him with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first place. This trade would make a lot of sense for Los Angeles. They are trying to get rid of Russell Westbrook because he does not fit well with the Lakers.

Actually, as a matter of fact, no one wants Westbrook. He has been traded a lot in the past few offseasons. Westbrook went from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets to the Washington Wizards to the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook plays hard every night and will show up on the court in terms of energy. However, he can’t shoot and doesn’t really care much about winning.

All he cares about is his stats. This is why Russell Westbrook is always great for picks and parlays in fantasy or sports betting basketball every single night because he always tries to put up numbers though. He was the third option to Lebron James and Anthony Davis. If he swapped with Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook would be the number two option, but he and Ben Simmons can’t shoot.

That would be very bad for the Brooklyn Nets if they have two guards that can’t shoot the three-ball. It doesn’t make sense, especially in today’s NBA with the way the game of basketball is played. Brooklyn would be an interesting watch and they already are, but they should not even bother with Russell Westbrook.

Will a Trade Happen?

The Brooklyn Nets will be stuck with Kyrie Irving for at least next season even if he doesn’t come back the season after. The Los Angeles Lakers will be stuck with Russell Westbrook for this season whether they like it or not. For a trade to happen, two have to tango and it has to make sense for both parties.

If a trade happens, both teams will be talked about as NBA Championship contenders. But they are both going to be preseason disappointments if neither star is moved.

Los Angeles would finally have an elite shooter if Kyrie Irving came around. No matter what happens this year, it seems like he is destined to go there in the immediate future. The NBA is a players league and they seemed empowered to go where they want.