Stalker Console Port Leaked, Allegedly Due To GSC’s “Discrimination Against Russians”

Similar To any type of such problem, Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine includes its very own publicity to warrant the dreadful occasions. And also whatever this publicity interacts, all that issues in the long run is that innocent individuals remain to be eliminated as well as displaced. Like numerous in the area, the programmers at GSC Video game Globe have actually been impacted by the battle, as well as had actually consequently placed Stalker 2 on hold.

While advancement on the follow up has actually currently returned to, the rumoured console port of Stalker: Darkness of Chernobyl has actually been dripped. There’s absolutely nothing unexpected regarding leakages in the computer game market, however this leakage came with an instead strange record which might either be some type of publicity or simply the outcome of somebody being in the security of their house, not recognizing that rockets are being targeted at Ukrainian cities.


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According to PCGamer, this letter is created by a Russian banner passing ‘Nevazhno, Kto’ as well as ‘Velichaishii’– converting to ‘It matters not that’ as well as ‘The best’, specifically. It’s not a one-pager either– it’s a five-page record, where the banner admits that the very early develop of the console port was dripped by them, together with their factors for doing so.

“[GSC] abandoned everybody that sustained their ready 15 years as well as maintained it active,” created Nevazhno, discussing just how the programmer victimized its Russian follower base after Ukraine was assaulted by the nation’s army pressures. They offered a variety of factors for dripping the develop– like the “Continuous discrimination versus Russians in [GSC’s] Disharmony web server,” together with the programmer increasing cash to sustain Ukrainian soldiers. “The acquisition of tools as well as army tools is not a charity drive,” they created.

PCGamer connected to GSC Video Game Globe, that responded with, “We have actually been releasing appeals to aid Ukraine in our social media sites as well as on our internet sources– similar to hundreds of various other Ukrainian business … However, an essential point to point out is that we likewise included an information regarding the contributions from Russia later. We assume we could be in the outright minority– otherwise the just one– to do so”.

Nevazhno likewise declared that the leakage came through GSC workers that were dissatisfied regarding the firm’s therapy of the Russian gamer base.

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