Facts about Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency invented in 2009. It is the digital asset first created by a person or a group of people pseudonymously called Satoshi Nakamoto. It uses the peer-to-peer network for the transaction. You can see that the rule for Bitcoin varies from one place to another. 

Since its invention, most of the population assumed that it would disappear with time. However, the popularity has only increased with time. There are several factors that make it unique and irreplaceable. Apart from that, bitcoin is one of the trading methods as well. People are hugely investing in it. If you too want to make some investment, a safe and secure platform litecoin-trader.com.

Here are the key factors-

Mysterious Creator

A group or person named Satoshi Nakamoto created it. The identification is a mystery. He communicated for some time with the world. However, since late 2010, there has been no communication. Satoshi vanished. Many assumed the person who created it had died. However, as this is a pseudonym and nobody knows who he is, it did not or would not make any difference with the value of bitcoin. It might be the intention of the creator behind getting a pseudonym and not disclosing his or her actual identity. Around September 2021 a person named El Salvador also contributed to the official adoption of Bitcoin as a tender. 


The most essential aspect of bitcoin is that it is decentralized. It means, there is no central authority or governing body to control the currency. In case of fiat money, there is the country’s government or some other organization that manages it. Thus, bitcoin has many advantages over fiat money. For example, decentralization provides protection from thievery, tax, or seizure etc.


Bitcoin mining is expensive. You need high quality hardware to sustain the high-power work. You need excellent equipment to make sure the process is going faster. The more you speed up the process, the earlier it gets added to the blockchain. It consumes a lot of electricity as well.

Banned in countries

There are some countries who do not support bitcoin mining because of the high amount of electricity it consumes. Mining may add some value in a way, but the amount of energy it consumes is not easy on the economy or the environment as well. In fact, now all over the world, many countries have raised an alarming voice over the usage and benefits that can be derived from Bitcoins. 

Limited bitcoins

The inventors of bitcoins also restricted the number of it. There will be 21 million bitcoins ever in existence. Almost 80% of the bitcoins have been mined. It means, there are 17 million bitcoins circulating in the market. But as per the experts, not until 2140, every bitcoin will be mined.

What if you lose the bitcoins?

Your bitcoin address is your private key. If you lose it, you will also lose the unique identification which will eventually end up in you losing all your bitcoins available in the wallet. As per the research, there are 60% of the bitcoins which have been lost by its users.

How can you earn bitcoin?

There is more than one way in which you could obtain bitcoin. Here they are-

  • If you are a miner, you can earn them by mining bitcoin.
  • You can buy these on bitcoin exchanges using your traditional or fiat money.
  • You can also get it if someone sends it to you.

How to store bitcoin?

If you want to trade or make transactions or just want to store bitcoin, first you need to have a bitcoin wallet. You can use the secure bitcoin wallet in your smartphone or your computer. 

How can one use bitcoins?

One can use the bitcoin from the bitcoin wallet in many ways. You can use them to buy services or goods. Also, there are many businesses who are considering bitcoin as a payment method. You just need to choose the currency codes, the country codes and the overall return that you get on Bitcoin investment, before you start with the actual process. 

If you too are interested in bitcoin which is only increasing its value, get yourself some knowledge about it. Therefore, you will be able to use it for various purposes without any hassle.