Big Opportunity as Crypto Goes Mainstream


With the advent of Metaverse, a lot of things and dynamics have taken a completely new turn and the sky is the limit for all the early adapters. Cryptocurrency market registered a colossal growth in the last five years and its dominance is prevalent throughout all the businesses operating today. Blockchain has revamped the financial scenario as we once knew and has mobilized it so efficiently that the level of security & transparency seems to be top-notch at any given moment. It will explore such facets of all the disruptive forces that have redefined the meaning of operating in a decentralized space. 

It was only a matter of time when crypto took economies off guard as its proposition in the global economy sounds more reasonable than traditional & conventional means. Crypto exchanges are witnessing a deluge of new users who look forward to yielding the unfathomable benefits of cryptocurrency. Metaverse has paved the way for it to go a step beyond as it continues to push virtual reality to unchartered territory. In addition to this, the development of web 3.0 is also expected to push the entire apparatus of cryptocurrency on a whole new level as transactions will become incredibly easier to execute. 

The prominence of Venture Capital 

Private investing funds are on a constant lookout to target all the nascent crypto startups. There is no denying the fact that 2021 was a crucial financial year for cryptocurrency as a pool of changes took place in this domain. Venture capital received a significant boost and the overall investor appetite seems to get more provoked as more startups begin to show up in the picture. “Paradigm” was founded in 2021 which was done by Coinbase’s co-founder who made significant advancements in this domain. 

Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder of NASDAQ) in association with Sequoia was able to raise a colossal amount of $2.5 billion in 2021 which is undeniably a remarkable achievement. The money thus raised is being actively used in the development of a robust crypto ecosystem. This seems to be a great opportunity for venture capital and they are able to raise capital quite easily considering the dominance of cryptocurrency in the digital financial ecosystem. 

Future belongs to the crypto 

2022 seems to follow the trend quite well as fundraisers continue to receive the necessary push from the investors. The entire capital flow looks promising and the leading banks like J.P. Morgan Chase continue to put big bucks into cryptocurrency. What does this indicate? What are the implications of such massive investments that are pouring in from all directions? What can be done to make the entire ecosystem accessible by everyone? Well, all it takes is just a decent scalability, accountability & transparency. Investors look for viable options that they can trust. The blockchain bubble is a bygone concept as it has already entrenched itself deep into the finance sector. 

Establish Trust 

As the industry develops, the changes will soon be observable and blockchain startups will have a lot to learn along the way. Finding solutions to the most intricate problems will play a pivotal role in getting the desired investments from a plethora of investors. Hence, maintaining transparency in operations is the key to earning the trust of prominent investors. Trust builds relationships and such relationships open doorways to money inflow. 


So all said & done, crypto has a lot to cover as the territory gets stretched with each innovation coming out every year. Metaverse has stoked a new fire and will act as a catalyst for crypto as millions of users will actively use cryptocurrency to make the most of virtual reality. It might also sound somewhat scary to most of people but virtual reality is just getting started and crypto is there to fuel its growth & dominance. What you might think may not be the truth about Metaverse but make sure to check daily updates on prominent platforms to keep yourself abreast with the dynamic scenario. The investments, on the other hand, are bound to grow and will receive a massive surge in this financial year as well, i.e., 2022.